They Walk Among Us

Berwick Victoria is proving to be a Cosmic Stop over!

Beings are materializing in a physical form – in the

main street, in a shopping centre, and in a private home.

These events are remarkable, historic and full of significance.

Within a couple of months there has been an unbelievable diversity:

Distinctive extraterrestrials! Sai Baba! And unknown beings!

At the Bus Stop

SML1.  Take the latest example. A few days ago, Thursday 13th August, I was walking along the Berwick main street towards my home in late afternoon. On the footpath outside the local hotel and bus stop, about ten meters in front of me, I noticed a person. She was about my height, light skinned with typical human facial features. It was a cold day, about 12C outside. Yet she wore no coat or jumper or warm clothing of any sort. She did wear a top, like a loose shirt or blouse. But it was completely transparent. Yes, she was a femaleperson. But she was not human!


She was facing me and initially looking at me, so I could not avoid looking at her appearance. She did have two breasts, but not like our ladies. Each one began high in the side of the chest. They were narrow, like perfect cylinders about eight centimeters wide and going as straight lines to the bottom of the rib cage. At the bottom each breast was clad in a material cup, a greyish colour and about 5 – 8 centimeters deep. Another piece of material joined the two cups but did not support or move them from the perpendicular position.


As I grew close to her she turned her head to the left hand side, so that she avoided my gaze and looked into the hotel car park. But her body remained facing me. Up close she looked pale and embarrassed. I was also embarrassed and walked on to the  traffic lights which would allow me to cross to my own home area. When I turned back I could not see her.


I have been tormented ever since. I felt I should have introduced myself and offered to take her to the nearby 'op shop' for appropriate clothing. But then, who or what was she? She did not seem to be a human being. Perhaps she was an extraterrestrial, downloaded to that place for a reason, however briefly. Perhaps a hybrid, part human and part extraterrestrial, created from bio engineering by one of the civilizations interested in Earth for some time. Perhaps an android?


I am so sorry I did not interact with her and offer to help. I think I failed. I did not represent humanity with compassion .

A Pedestrian, A Truckie, A Child

2. Perhaps some of the experiences which heralded encounters in the streets and shops of Berwick some months previously were less dramatic in a way. Some of them focused on the unexpected attitude of a few people towards me.


For instance, I was walking along the main street of Berwick, just passing the Newsagency, when I noticed the lady half a dozen paces ahead. There were several other pedestrians between us, but I was watching her back as if I were glued to it. She was different. I knew. She was broader than most and I was staring at her as I wondered what she would be like. Then she stopped and turned one hundred and eighty degrees to face me directly. She did not look anywhere else, only into my eyes. I also stopped. What I felt was guilt for staring at her and being caught in the act. Her face and front did not look especially unusual other than being quite stocky. But her gaze was. I knew she had sensed me and I was gob smacked. She did not need to say anything. I reckoned my thoughts must have been responding to whatever she was thinking. Why was I staring at her? But then my thoughts became: she must be telepathic… Maybe she does not have extrasensory perception as such but is an extraterrestrial. She continued staring into my eyes as I continued to be glued to the footpath. Nothing resolved for me, but she turned around again and resumed her walk along the main street of Berwick, leaving me bewildered.


Sure, we are all different, and maybe this lady simply had a different build. BUT she knew I was looking at her and speculating about her from 5 metres or so behind. When she turned around, she immediately looked into my eyes – nowhere else. She knew! That is not a normal human ability. In fact as she walked off, I knew: they walk among us.


That event with the telepathic pedestrian did make me more sensitive to similar situations in the weeks which followed. For instance, in the same stretch of pathway, I noticed a group of ladies stopped in conversation. But one of them was locked on to me as I walked towards them along the pathway. She did not look away from my face, and the thing is she beamed a most open smile as if I were her long lost best friend. Until I was almost opposite the group, that is, when she abruptly turned to look away. Maybe I was not who she was expecting, but the thing is, that amazingly open smile was repeated by someone on most days.


The truckie is a case in point. I was stopped at the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of the main street in Berwick. It is a busy intersection, controlling five main toads. A huge truck pulled up alongside me, waiting for a green light. But the driver! He had a size to match his truck! He looked out of his side window, so we faced one another. Then his face lit up, with that huge, open smile I was beginning to recognize. Maybe he liked the solar panel on my head where I once had hair.  But with that welcome he could have given me a hug and I would not have been surprised. As he drove off,  my instincts were telling me that meeting was significant. The thing is, these were becoming daily events.


Even children were involved. On one occasion, on the same stretch of pathway, a man was walking his young son who struggled to keep up with him. The boy may have been about two years old. They were walking towards the newsagent as I was walking downhill to the pedestrian lights. The young child simply glanced at me as we passed and said simply: “Hello!” What a lovely demeanor and spontaneously good manners for a youngster that age. But the thing is, that evening when I went to meditate, there he was. “Hello!”

3.  None of these small events could have prepared me for a materialization I witnessed in a coffee shop adjacent to my local Woolies on 19th June, 2015. That took things hugely up market. I had bought my coffee and was sitting at one of the tables when I noticed him standing about 3 metres away from me between two of the tables.  Strangely, I knew him. His picture hangs on my lounge room wall. He was a full on extraterrestrial. Slender build, oval head, large golden eyes, deep tanned skin - his name is Ogatta. We had seen him often in meditations in my home, and sometimes witnessed him physically in my lounge room. But this was different. I was flabbergasted. We simply stared at one another for several minutes. This was so public. Did anyone else see him, I wondered? Was this a product of my clairvoyance or was he physical to others in Woolies? No one else seemed to react. I longed for my camera.

Again I did not know what to do as we stared at one another. I didn’t even think to offer him a coffee. All I could speculate about was how he arrived? Where did he come from? How close must he be to Berwick to achieve this? When I walked home, I did thank him and congratulated him for finding me at Berwick. But this was indeed special. He walked among us!

In the Coffee Shop
The Visitors

 Four weeks later, they went one better. On 8th July I was sound asleep on my bed at 6am. I was awoken by a male voice expressing one word: “Visitors”. I struggled to wake, remaining lying on my side facing a built in wardrobe about 3 metres away from me. I did not sit up, but I did open my eyes. Just as well I did. Three extraterrestrials were standing between my bed and the wardrobe. There was only early morning light sneaking past my curtains, but I could see them clearly. They were not tall, probably smaller than me. They were also slender with oval heads and seemingly dark skins. They were staring at me as I stirred.


I guess I did not react, but lay there calmly. That was enough for them to begin to communicate to me. They did not speak as such. Instead, something like movies told me of their long standing association with Earth. After the movies, there were long joined sentences given telepathically, elaborating on the same theme. I do not know how it all ended. I seemed to go back to sleep for a while.


But that was not the end of the event. The next morning when I woke up I was still thinking of them when the area of the bedroom where they had stood was lit up by a perfectly formed half rainbow. It extended from my bedroom doorway to the pillow on the side of the bed nearest the wardrobe. I marveled at it and realized it was in the identical area where my three visitors had stood. But I did not know what to do. As on previous similar occasions, I was too stunned to do anything. What should I have done, I asked afterwards? Sit in it?


A couple of hours later I had folk visit for a regular meditation. That supplied some of the answers. Coral, one of our clairvoyant mediums, was taken to the planet where Ogatta lives. There she saw a group of the Ogattan children with a teacher lady who was shining a torch like device over them. From it emerged complete rainbows which she said activated certain energies within them. The rainbow energy was generated from a particular crystal on their planet. I certainly should have done something with it. I am learning slowly. Ever so slowly.

The Traveller

I have often received a ‘compulsion’ to go outside to watch for a UFO.  This was like that. But the feeling was that I should go into the main street of Berwick where so many strange events had been taking place. I knew I had to look for another visitor who was not from Earth. This time I grabbed my camera and placed it handily in my jacket pocket as I left somewhat hurriedly. Not that I had far to go – perhaps a couple of hundred metres at the most.


I crossed the main road at the traffic lights and walked expectantly towards the hotel and bus stop. The last visitor to that area had left quite an impression on me. I guess I wanted her to return, so I could make amends and be more hospitable. But as I walked past the bus stop the only person nearby was a lady looking about 50 years of age, pulling a small shopping jeep or pull along case. She was appropriately dressed for the day, wearing a warm overcoat. She was busy checking out the bus time table. I walked on . Not far, only to the public library, a couple of doors along. I stopped in front of one of the library windows which featured a display board for community notices. While standing there I looked back at the lady near the bus stop. As I did, I clearly heard a word: “traveller.”


Now that got my attention! I checked her reflection in the window. She was walking along the footpath in my direction. I stared in the window as she walked slightly passed me, then turned around and came to stand next to my shoulder, also appearing to look into the window. I part turned to her her and just managed to say: “Hello.” She replied “Hello.” We stood in silence for some minutes. I was dumbstruck, speculating on whether she were a traveller from the Cosmos. I wish I could have found my tongue... But she moved away and walked back to the bus stop. I held on to the camera in my pocket, wondering whether this would be too intrusive. I watched her cross the road and slowly walk along the main street to the next intersection. Then she turned right into Gloucester Avenue and I wondered whether she could be heading to the railway station.


I hurried from the library to the Gloucester Avenue intersection to the main road. A ‘traveller’, I wondered. Perhaps I had just picked something up psychically – maybe she was travelling in a conventional way. I quickly checked the long Gloucester Avenue towards the direction of the railway station. There was no sign of the lady. I followed the access on the right to the south side shopping centre and other small shops and cafes. I did the tedious walk and checked doorways and shops to the end of the strip. No sign of the lady. She had somehow disappeared. I was becoming convinced she indeed was a traveller – but one of those who walked among us.


It was a mixture of things really. I had been sent out to look for someone. She was the only person in the area when I heard the word: “Traveller.” And eventually she came snugly next to me in the library window, literally not 2 centimetres from my shoulder as we exchanged ‘Hellos.” Unusual, to say the least, given the ample space available to view the notice boards. Then there was her complete disappearance, despite my diligent search. As always, I regretted not speaking more. I have to get better at this.

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