Extraterrestrials Come to Help

When one considers the possible reasons behind the visits of some extraterrestrials one could conclude that they  have their own agenda, probably suiting their own interests. Some popular magazines use sensational headlines referring to a coming ‘invasion,’ and assume exploitation of Earth to be the norm of the visits of other civilizations. It is the fodder of science fiction and sensational journalism, but far from the truth. I do not quote case studies or research from other books because I cannot personally validate them. But what I can do is refer to some of my personal experiences, of contact extending over forty years or so. True, I am selecting those examples which have demonstrated to me the positive intent behind so many of our visitors.


In 1983 I published a book called ‘The Andronicus Tapes.’  That described the experiences of a group of people with highly evolved spiritual beings. We were psychic folk who had personal experiences of phenomena like meditation, telepathy, healing, prophecy, and astral travelling. In a way that prepared us for contact of a different kind – the extraterrestrial, for there is a close association with the spiritual domain.


One day Andronicus showed us this link. Over the years, various spirit artists had painted portraits of the beings who frequently appeared to our group. These were mounted around my lounge room walls and featured in his explanation.


A striking phenomena appeared repeatedly in my home in March and April 2009. It began during a meditation with a couple of my friends. On the floor in the space in the middle of our group, I saw a clearly defined map of Italy about a metre long. Over the map there was a mass of orange cloud. A little later an erupting volcano emerged, seen also by two others who were sitting with me. We speculated for a while and thought some kind of seismic activity must be depicted. On 20th March I had a larger group meditating in my home. They met on a fortnightly basis and all came from a psychic and spiritual background. During an extended meditation I again saw the large map of Italy on the floor, the orange haze all-consuming for that country. I began to feel there was a literal rather than symbolic significance. On Monday evening on 23rd March, I was having an ‘absent meditation’ with friends in their own homes. But the same phenomena occurred . That time I felt as though I were close up, over the map and experiencing the haze and smells, fumes, as if from a volcano.  And I knew: something significant will occur in Italy. There was no let up during a combined meditation on 30th of March. I was again aware of the map and seismic activity. This time I was hearing things: the eruption of energies is very deep, there will be repercussions. My mind was taken to creation energies... The following week there were reports of eruptions and earthquakes around the world: Alaska, off Japan  and Chile. We had exchanged emails throughout our group about these things. By the weekend the sense of impending disaster in Italy was so strong I shared it with my family. It was my sister who phoned me on Monday morning 6th of April, saying only two words: “Ian. Italy” Later I received an email with news links attached from my daughter, describing the horror of the earthquake which had destroyed two towns near L’Aquila in central Italy. That evening our group had another meditation – and I had questions to ask the beings who usually came to speak with us. Andronicus was there. First I asked who had been showing the prophetic information about Italy. He said it was no one from that Andronicus fellowship. I was told a different civilization was involved. Then I saw people walk into my lounge room and each stood in front of one of the pictures hung on my wall. Basically we had been shown such specific information and consequent proof because a new group would be communicating with us and they wanted us to be convinced they were real and their statements valid. And there they were, standing in front of Andronicus and his colleagues. They had certainly shown us a valid prediction – the aftershocks went on for a week; two hundred had died and thousands were homeless.

The new civilization proved to be The Ogattans, an extraterrestrial civilization of 5 planets around a binary system which had been involved with humanity for some years. They do have a lot to share about the Earth’s future and the need for humanity to develop. In this respect their motive for contact is very positive and Earth centred. Life in their own solar system is fine and they have been travelling in space for a long time.


Probably the most obvious and direct example of a cosmic civilization intervening on Earth for our own good was brought to my attention in July 2010. I was sitting meditating in the lounge room of my home when I became aware of an entity standing in front of me and slightly leaning over me. That was impressive, but so was the commanding voice which permeated my room. It was loud and distinct: Acknowledge what we have done!”


In my meditation I was immediately taken to a high place. I could look down over a sea where there was a tropical cyclonic storm swirling powerfully in a circular pattern. Then I was higher and I could see another pattern on the same massive scale, above the storm, but swirling in the opposite direction. There was a sense of the higher one being lowered on to the lower storm pattern. Then the context was made clear. This area was the Gulf of Mexico.


Two months earlier there had been an explosion at the Deep Water Well oil rig on 20th April 2010. The pollution effects were humongous, extending to the US coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. In the gulf vessels were being used to help clear the spill with solvents and vacuum systems. There was little success despite a partial plug being installed on July 15th. BP and the government were receiving a lot of flack. But an urgent message was sent to all vessels to withdraw and seek shelter because tropical storm Bonnie was expected to reach the area about the 22nd Of July.


But at that time, something inexplicable happened. The storm did not arrive. And all the oil spill disappeared.  I knew what had just happened. An outside force had cancelled the storm’s energy and removed all the oil. There was a mixed reception to that. The populace were up in arms with BP claiming they must have used a powerful and harmful detergent for the oil to disappear. The government had another theory: the oil just evaporated by natural causes. The oil did just seem to evaporate – but not by any natural causes.


The process was repeated in September. A second rig, not far from the Deep Water Well, exploded on 2nd September. Workers had to evacuate immediately. The Coast Guard was quickly on the scene and reported an oil slick 1 mile long and 100 feet wide. A few hours later, Coast Guard Commander Cheri Benlesan reported that “Crews were unable to find any oil spill.” Another miraculous disappearance, or natural evaporation...There was nothing natural apart either situation . n extraterrestrial civilization clearly stated the clean up and stopping the storm was their work. One of their motives for coming to Earth is to help clear some of the environmental problems we have created.


But they are also in the business of inspiring and helping us to develop. This has been demonstrated many times through my involvement with meditation groups. But there have been other times when “they” have taken the initiate to prove their presence and use positive energies around us.


The most spectacular event dates back to January 1983.


I was newly married and living in a flat in South Yarra until our new home was available in the Dandenong Ranges. Sue and her ten year old son arrived from visiting her parents’ home early on the Saturday morning. I knew how psychic and intuitive Sue was, so was not thrown when as she came in the front door she said: “We have to leave in 20 minutes!” The only problem was that there was a heavy summer storm deluging Melbourne at that time. And I had no idea where we were to go.


Complete with towels, my ever ready tape recorder and a thermos of hot drinks we piled into my holden station wagon.  As we sat in the driveway I asked Sue where we should be heading. Her only comment was that it was near water! So, intuitively I drove out of Melbourne via the Westgate Bridge in the general direction of Geelong. But before long we were navigated to our destination. Each time we came to an intersection or cross road Sue appeared to be in a light trance state and clearly indicated           which way I should turn. Before long we were away from the highways and heading into rural areas in the vicinity of the You Yang ranges. The storm did not abate.


Ahead of us on a gravel track was a derelict wooden bridge over a flooded creek. I was instructed to cross it and turn left at a narrow track. Suddenly Sue pointed to a hill nearby and confidently said that we where we had to go. It was stormy! The winds were ferocious and we had to force the car doors open against its pressure. Worse, a five strand barb wire fence separated us from the flooded creek – which we would have to cross. With arms linked, the three of us forced ourselves up the hill to a place where a light was shining. That was hopeful. The thing was, immediately we stepped into the glowing area at the top of the hill, the wind stopped. The rain stopped and it was quiet. It was peaceful. Below us the storm raged.


As we stood marvelling at the changes, small petal like materials fell on us, pale pink, floating gently. It was not snow. They extended only about two metres from us and dissolved immediately on contact with us or the ground. That felt unique. It was so peaceful. Then we took stock of the paddock where we stood. Spaced throughout there were bushes and clumps of purple Scottish thistles. There was a boundary of natural rocks. Suddenly the bushes burst into flame! The flames came from the ground and flowed through the bushes without disintegrating any leaves. All I could think of was lambent energy, swirling. After a few minutes the flames in the bushes went out. Everything went still again . Except that columns of silver started to appear throughout the paddock where we stood. But never on a bush – always in a space between them. They shimmered, taller than a person but only as broad as we were. But obviously people. They radiated waves of peacefulness, joy, wisdom and compassion towards us. Yes, it had the feel of “Beam me up Scotty” about the phenomenon. I did not count the visitors, but estimated perhaps fifty or so. I was so sad when the columns of energy began to blink out. We were in the presence of a cosmic civilization and I wanted to know more.


This civilization proved to be one of the truly advanced who related to the Council of Twenty Four Elders and The Nine. They were described in communications through Phyllis Schlemmer in  The Only Planet of Choice as Alteans who  have a high vibrational energy, who appear as tall iridescent columns of silver energy. They were reported to have assisted civilization on Atlantis.


There were other smaller events which gave the validity which I always craved. But I could not shake the confirmation of Sue’s initial instruction, the psychic navigation to that remote place and the physical nature of the event which the three of us witnessed for about half an hour by following the instructions we received. I had a tape recorder going the whole time in my jacket pocket and longed to transcribe the outpourings of our amazement and just compare our perceptions of a truly out of this world experience. I cannot doubt the reality of this experience. I am amazed at the extent they went to to demonstrate their presence and the nature of their intent -  which was so loving, wise, peaceful and positive. That was inspiring and set the scene for a life long quest.


I always enjoy confirmations and external evidence of the civilizations who visit. I had been comfortable with our interactions with Andronicus, Colandrias and others who visited frequently during and after 1982. But the fact is they went out of their way to demonstrate their involvement with us in April 2009. That was through a remarkable combination of direct communication, crop circles and psychic art.


Putting things in their correct sequence, this is what happened. One of the spirit artists in the group was inspired to draw Andronicus. When she showed me the first draft for evaluation I told her I always saw him with a medallion around his neck, but Laura had not depicted one. She had not seen one and asked me what it was like. I could not recall the detail, but said I would get back to her. I took an opportunity to meditate alone, with pencil and paper nearby. But I did not expect what happened. I saw Andronicus walk into my lounge room as I sat on the settee. He stopped in front of me, and bent over so that his medallion hung in front of my face. I was overwhelmed but managed to sketch the medallion.  My sketch was duly passed to the artist, Laura, who completed the full painting of Andronicus. For years we admired the medallion. It was magnificent, with like a starburst centre, smaller inner rings, then a magificent array of larger arcing swirls curving in gold around the medallion in clockwise direction. Everyone who saw it commented on it.

Andronicus and Colandrias Communication
Ogattan ET Civilization 
ET Intervention in Gulf of Mexico
ET Materializations
Andronicus and Colandrias 

A couple of years later, I was meditating in my lounge room on 27th April 2009, when I clearly heard a comment in my room: “Watch Wiltshire”. I shared this with friends by emails so we would all be alert. But it was some days before I thought to look up Lucy Pringle’s Crop Circle Library. I scanned through her photos looking for something in Wiltshire. There was something, from Roundway Hill, Wiltshire dated 29th April. The crop circle? It was a replica of Andronicus’ medallion, 230 feet in diameter with the 18 energy swirls clearly depicted, though one is partially hidden. It was brilliant, unadulterated, where Andronicus said we should look.


I found that confirmation of several things. Firstly, the authenticity of comments, predictions from Andronicus. I could accept his credibility when he spoke of other things. But secondly, there was a clear link between Andronicus and those responsible for creating the crop circle. True enough there appear to be some crop circles which are fraudulently presented, but this one had validity. It was a replica of something which they had previously gone to a great deal of trouble to show us in detail.

Crop Circle at Wiltshire:

230 foot replica of Andronicus' medallion 29 April 2009

One of the purposes of their links with us appears to be to continue to educate us and reassure us of their nature.