Extraterrestrials Come to Heal

One of the most meaningful interventions which some cosmic civilizations have brought to humans is Healing. It is appropriate to have acknowledged their interest in assisting with protecting and restoring the ecology of the planet, with assisting our knowledge by demonstrating their physical presence to us, and giving us some information about changes coming to Earth through the effects of climate and seismic upheavals. But there are other personal involvements which can touch us deeply. One is by healing and another is by challenging and encouraging our spiritual development.

Here I wish to share some personal experiences of healing from people like the Ogattans. Again, I do not go to books and other people’s experiences because I cannot vouch for them. These experiences are presented without trimming or embellishment of any kind. Otherwise there would be no point in sharing them in the spirit of preparing for more interaction with people from Cosmic civilizations.

I am omitting any healings which are better labeled spiritual healing, which have involved the work of spiritual healers and those in spirit. Those which follow are examples of help given to me by people from other physical worlds.

Some years ago I was a committee member of a local Spiritualist Church at Berwick. I became involved in several projects as I could. One great need was to create and maintain a new web site for the church. There were a couple of problems with that. One was that I had no idea how to go about it. But more particularly I was unwell. Principally I was lethargic, lacking in energy and motivation. It was like trying to come out of a protracted case of the flu or glandular fever. I could not get out of my own way – I certainly could not embark on a major project.

I was to learn this had been noticed.


One evening I went to bed about 10.30 pm. I was wide awake, lying on my back. I became aware of movement about the bed. I could feel what I would describe as a board wider than my body underneath me. It was flexible and moved easily – a bit like a sheet of heavy duty marine ply. Then I realized someone stood at the foot of the bed and another at the head. The two of them shook the board smoothly to make a wave action. Sometimes this was up and down and at others tilting it from side to side. The sideways movement became increasingly steep and I thought I may tip out of the bed. I turned on my side, perhaps to have a better balance. But I was safe enough. I don’t know what else they did or how it stopped. I either became unconscious or fell asleep mid swing. I slept: deeply, restfully.

Early next morning I awoke very refreshed. I wasn’t sure what was happening as I tried to recollect the previous evening’s events. But I had a ton of energy and a great desire to get on with something. I could not wait to get into my study and put the computer on to start the business of planning a web page. My doubts, like my lethargy, had disappeared. My mind was sharp and focused. Lots of ideas, clues on the computer, and a facilitated plan emerged. That day I hardly stirred until 9:00 p.m. By then there was a completed web site with numerous pages outlining all that was needed to find and understand the activities of Berwick Spiritualist Church.

That was great in itself. But the thing is, that sense of mental clarity and energy continued to give me my most alert and productive week I could recollect. I had experienced some exceptional healing and rejuvenation. I am human enough to wish it had stayed with me indefinitely, but it did not. I live in hope for the next encounter.

Looking back, “they” initiated this experience. They certainly knew where I was and the best time to intervene. I felt no anxiety at the time. Perhaps an initial amazement. This is a relevant perspective. We have no grounds to fear involvement with these people from some cosmic civilizations.


A hazard of spending much of my life in warm climates is that my skin has been exposed to sunlight which creates unwanted growths. Many of these are benign but some have the potential to become cancers. My GP periodically checks me out for sinister travellers. Occasionally he has removed some by minor surgery or freezing them with liquid nitrogen – usually straight forward in his rooms.

However on 22nd November 2011 he became quite concerned. After careful examination he told me two sore lumps on my forehead had to be surgically removed because they were cancerous. He went so far as to take close up photos so that the images appeared on his computer file to show me and keep for future reference. He made an appointment for the surgery in his clinic the following week on 29th November. I was not anxious about the proposed procedure, but I did decide to make an appointment at a spiritual healing centre on 28th November, the day before I was scheduled for the surgery.

The Eternal Love Centre in Officer, Victoria provides meditation, healing, courses and support groups. The lady who runs the centre is both an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Reiki Master and one who has significant spirit and cosmic networks. I have found in the past that my clairvoyance enables me to see those who work with her. This is added to by the healer providing her own commentary. So it is no surprise for me to see her cosmic assistants around the healing table with her. What was a surprise was to see those assistants wheel a second table into the room with one of their own needing healing. The table was placed alongside mine so that the two of us could receive treatment. And the clincher was for the healer to explain to me that there was a UFO overhead.

My healing was general. I felt the ripples of energy surge through my limbs and my abdomen seemed to bubble at times. My extremities felt as though they were being stretched. Meanwhile the lady stood behind my head and gave me healing from there. We had an intriguing debriefing. I was told about my arthritis and the need for me to be more expressive and more involved in teaching. There was just a lightness and sense of wellbeing as I went home. I thought no more about the healing until I arrived next morning at my doctor’s clinic.

Initially He sat me in the patient’s chair in his surgery while he went to his computer and brought up the enlarged images of my two spots on his screen. He studied them, then came to look directly at me. I wish I had filmed that. He made an exclamation and went quickly back to his computer. He studied the images and returned to re-study my forehead. Then he took me to see the screen myself. Almost not believing himself, he said words to the effect: “Look, this one. It has gone completely. Where it was there is new skin like a baby’s. This second one has changed, it does not look cancerous.” I asked him naively how that could be. He scratched his head, looked again at the computer screen and again at my forehead and said simply, “Sometimes the body heals itself.”... “We may as well take off what is left of the other one.”
He did and duly sent it for pathology. We were told the following week that the remaining spot had been benign...

I did not doubt the GP’s initial diagnosis and the need for both spots to be surgically removed. But then I could not doubt the evidence that one spot had disappeared overnight and was covered with skin like a new born baby’s. Nor was I surprised to learn that the second spot had changed in its nature.  Here were objective lessons that our cosmic friends could take the initiative to bring about healing. That was so good to know!

Healing Skin Cancers