They Walk Among Us – Main Sdr

January 1, 2023

Berwick Victoria is proving to be a Cosmic Stop over!

Beings are materializing in a physical form – in the

main street, in a shopping centre, and in a private home.

These events are remarkable, historic and full of significance.

Within a couple of months there has been an unbelievable diversity:

Distinctive extraterrestrials! Sai Baba! And unknown beings!




1.                  Take the latest example. A few days ago, Thursday 13th August, I was walking along the Berwick main street towards my home in late afternoon. On the footpath outside the local hotel and bus stop, about ten meters in front of me, I noticed a person. She was about my height, light skinned with typical human facial features. It was a cold day, about 12C outside. Yet she wore no coat or jumper or warm clothing of any sort. She did wear a top, like a loose shirt or blouse. But it was completely transparent. Yes, she was a femaleperson. But she was not human!


She was facing me and initially looking at me, so I could not avoid looking at her appearance. She did have two breasts, but not like our ladies. Each one began high in the side of the chest. They were narrow, like perfect cylinders about eight centimeters wide and going as straight lines to the bottom of the rib cage. At the bottom each breast was clad in a material cup, a greyish colour and about 5 – 8 centimeters deep. Another piece of material joined the two cups but did not support or move them from the perpendicular position.


As I grew close to her she turned her head to the left hand side, so that she avoided my gaze and looked into the hotel car park. But her body remained facing me. Up close she looked pale and embarrassed. I was also embarrassed and walked on to the  traffic lights which would allow me to cross to my own home area. When I turned back I could not see her.


I have been tormented ever since. I felt I should have introduced myself and offered to take her to the nearby 'op shop' for appropriate clothing. But then, who or what was she? She did not seem to be a human being. Perhaps she was an extraterrestrial, downloaded to that place for a reason, however briefly. Perhaps a hybrid, part human and part extraterrestrial, created from bio engineering by one of the civilizations interested in Earth for some time. Perhaps an android?


I am so sorry I did not interact with her and offer to help. I think I failed. I did not represent humanity with compassion .



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