Do I Know You?

August 9, 2016

Sometimes apparently small things can be loaded with meaning. I have had another encounter in a coffee shop recently. (They know where to find me!) No, this was not Ogatta in full cosmic dress as he appeared in Woolies coffee shop a while ago. This was a lady whom I think belonged to a parallel project.


I was actually having brunch in my local pharmacy coffee shop – a great spot for home made apple pie and the like! The diners are separated from the pharmacy area by a divider which runs the length of the tables. I was sitting at the side of a table which meant I was facing the walk through area and the counter. And that meant I had a full on view of a remarkable lady as she turned the corner around the partition and walked in my direction.


The thing is she was immediately staring at me, eye to eye. Her face was lit up with an uninhibited smile, as if she had known me for life. And she remained locked on to my face, even though as she passed me her head had to be turned 90 degrees and more so as she reached the other end of the partition. She disappeared behind the partition, leaving me stunned and curious as to who she was. My memory for faces and names is not that good at times. Perhaps I did know her from some time or some place. I speculated as I sipped cappuccino.


Then she appeared again, just walking around the far corner of the partition and again staring, smiling as she walked towards me. Holy moley! I would never have forgotten her. She was just below average height, a brunette with the healthy figure of a 30 year old...and perhaps European skin. She walked past with her head turned 90 degrees as she smiled into my eyes! I remained glued to my chair, wondering, as she walked to the far end of the partition and went around it.


I wish I could think and act more quickly. I could at least have asked: Where do I know you from? Or offered her a coffee. By the time I shook my head and moved my feet to look around the pharmacy there was no sign of her. Apparently two strikes and you are out in that league!


But I continued to speculate. She appeared as a classical western beauty – could have stepped off the Myer catwalk. Maybe that was why I was flabbergasted. But maybe not. What I really thought was that 'they' have made a 'model' change to see how I – or anyone else – reacted. She could certainly walk among us, but she may have to be toned down a few notches. As she is, she would stun the world into noticing her.





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