Reflections on They Walk Among Us

These are reflections on the experiences reported in my previous article, They Walk Among Us .

I pray every day for more understanding. Such is the change occurring in our world, around us and within ourselves. And looking back on these events I have to try to make sense of them.

When I think in terms of those who walk among us, I realize I am interacting with more than one civilization from the Cosmos. For instance I was overjoyed to see Ogatta, the leader of his planetary civilization, appear as himself in the coffee shop in Woolies in Berwick. That was reassuring because I had known him for many years. His portrait was hanging on the wall in my lounge room. He was known to people in my meditation group who had interacted with him and his associates, Edwina and Tauri, for about 5 years or so. I knew he represented positive involvement with humanity and our planet. He had taken us to his planet during meditation, showing its life, birds, children, vegetation, and dwellings. A lot of the interaction has been about their interplanetary travel. We have been shown their variety of vessels, even watched them over earth.  Many have used earth's oceans to land and make temporary bases. We had even learned something of our involvement with that civilization at different times. We know they will continue to be involved with Earth and gradually increase their presence through landings and materializations. All of this is reassuring and no cause for concern.

What I believe is also associated with the Ogattans are the two phenomena in my garden on 22nd and 23rd January 2016. The thing is, Ogatta had encouraged us in the meditation on the day prior to watch the skies for UFO activity for the following evenings. So, was it a coincidence when I went into my garden and said aloud: “I cannot look up or sideways because of pain in my neck.” that there seemed to be an immediate response - The search-light like light which immediately lit up my bedroom window a couple of metres away from me. And similarly on cue the following evening, cascaded light over a tree behind me and opposite my bedroom window. The reflection for me has to include things like: they knew where I was; they heard my statements and immediately responded. So how can that be? There was no time lapse for delays in travel or communication. Alas I could not look around the sky, but the direction of light, given other trees nearby, had to have been from almost overhead. What does that mean? A presence in another dimension?

Then there are those who have physically materialized in my home who leave me facing similar problems.. The moderately built dark skinned beings with domed heads and almond eyes who woke me at 6am to communicated with me in my bedroom on 8th July 2015, were the same beings who woke my son Tristran on Jan 4th 2009 and took him away for a while to watch movie films. I felt nothing sinister about either situation. They came and left without disruption. What they left was information and an awareness that they also had positive intent with a long standing involvement with Earth.


I have no direct evidence, but they could be the small blacks who are often experienced with taller grays in healing or short term abduction for exploratory surgery. But that has not been my awareness.

I have another question to do with relationships. The day after the materialization in my bedroom, a remarkable rainbow appeared where they had stood. It was indeed from the bedroom doorway to my pillow near the built in wardrobe. True, it had left me bewildered at the time, but in a meditation a few hours later, one of the mediums was taken to the planet Ogatta, and shown children with a teacher who shone a torch like device over them. The beam was a full rainbow. Coincidence or purposeful? It seems to me to be related somehow to the events and the teacher on Ogatta. At the least, the Ogattans knew of the materialization in my bedroom. The rainbow link was significant. Should I think in terms of some relationship between their civilizations?


That also leaves me with a group of those who walked among us which may belong together. Any link may be seen by some as circumstantial. But one thing they have in common is the intent way in which they related to me. Another is the fact that I was told to leave my home and look for them in the main street of Berwick. And always I met someone whose presence or being seemed anomalous.

The first case was of course the very broad lady who walked ahead of me by about five paces in the main street. True, I was staring at her back and wondering what she would be like at the moment she stopped, turned 180 degrees and stared into my eyes. What was that about? She knew what I was doing and thinking for sure. Too much of a coincidence. She looked at no one else; just stared at me. Too focussed and anomalous for me to think her a local who had an unusual build and  telepathy and prescience. She was the first to make me think “they walk among us”. I was not sent to meet her – it just happened I think.


But the others in that group were part of some meeting strategy. Someone spoke to me as I worked at my computer and urged me to leave immediately and visit the main street in the vicinity of the bus stop... which I invariably did.

The two men outside the hotel door seemed normal enough, one perhaps 10 years older than the other. They were dressed in average casual clothes which had seen some wear. The older one asked me for money. The anomaly was that he asked for it in cents. Perhaps he was going to play the pokies in the hotel – or perhaps he had only a rudimentary knowledge of our currency.  For whatever reason, I declined. And that is when things changed. I walked the short distance to the traffic lights to cross to my street when I was pulled up short with that startling comment: “You failed!” I turned around. There was no sign of them. I felt I had failed – to be compassionate, to be a decent ambassador for humanity... That was a pointed lesson. There were more to come.

I was really prompted to go out and meet the lady I called ‘the traveller’. She proved to be the only one near the bus stop and she was studying the time table. When I walked passed her to stop at the window of the library,I heard the 'tutoring voice' again. It simply said: “traveller.” She followed and then stood next to me – a mere couple of centimetres away. We exchanged polite hellos before she walked away  and disappeared across the road and down a side street. I tried unsuccessfully to follow and find her. A couple of times in the days following I thought I saw her again in the main street, pulling a triangular shaped pull along.

“They” had told me enough to give validity to an odd experience. She was one of them.

Naturally, so was the hybrid lady clad only in a transparent shift. No doubt whatsoever. Despite what I sensed as embarrassment radiating from her very white skin, she remained with her body facing me as I walked towards her. True, she turned her head away to look in the hotel car park as I became opposite her. Her body was a stylized representation of a lady. Her tubular breasts appeared neither functional or attractive. She must have been cold. It was 14 degrees and her silk like top would provide no warmth. I could not help looking carefully at her and feeling guilty I did not take her to a charity clothing shop across the road. At my traffic lights I looked back. There was no sign of her. Definitely one of them and I felt I had failed yet again.

There were actually quite a few who announced their presence with a directed smile. I group them together too. The lady in the street, the truckie, the couple of children and the remarkable beauty who paraded for me as she walked around the tables in the pharmacy cafetaria. They gave pointed smiles, eye to eye contact, and were oblivious of anyone else near me. Such open, loving links.

The most recent case was the tribal aboriginal teenager. A perfect specimen of his race, though not seen around Berwick. The anomaly? His voice. He spoke with a cultured English, no slang or dialect.  I decided to go back after I had visited the post office., He was no longer there. Strange about that. Fitted a pattern.

The pattern to me for a lot of these cases, seemed to suggest attempts to create humanoids that may fit among us. It appeared that different moulds were being tried to check my reactions. That could be very egocentric of me. But I can't help thinking back to the decades of cattle mutilations, abductions and common stories of operations on human ovaries.

And I have to think back to an experience 3 decades ago on my sanctuary farm in Northern New South Wales. I was taking the labrador dog for a walk along the high ridges to the north of the farm where there was a reafforestation area. We stopped  in a bushy area. Spread along the top of a metre high bush was a two dimensional, triangular shaped figure, rhythmically pulsing. I had a compulsion upon me to stay. The object floated off the bush and physically bounced into me, displacing air and making me feel the impact. Shortly it wafted away and disappeared to another part of the farm. I felt as though I had run a marathon. I felt that the object knew everything about me and sampled everything it wanted. I felt it could clone me if it wanted.

That thought stayed with me all these years. Now I am wondering if there is a reality to that – for me and many other people whose dna may have been harvested. In a bizarre way it would make sense for one cosmic exploratory civilization to be moving to a point of finding a way to assimilate with humanity. But I do not believe that is typical of the cosmic civilizations which have visited Earth, even though there are cultural traditions that the so called sons of Gods came and inter bred with human women.

We are fortunate to have the attention of many civilizations who profess only an interest in helping the development of humanity and the well being of the planet. I would like to consider some of those next.


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