- Claude Bernard -

“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”


Spiritual Writing

My first book for people interested in psychic and spiritual phenomena was called "the Andronicus Tapes", published in Melbourne in 1983. It proved very popular in Australia as it narrated not only spiritual communication by highly advanced beings through a deep trance medium in Melbourne, but provided extensive teaching about Healing, Meditation, Peace and Prophecy. Basically these were transcribed from the sessions recorded while the medium was in trance.

 Some years later I wrote a series of books on spiritual and extraterrestrial themes. These were: 

Letters to the Church From a Spiritualist, published by Trafford in 2007;

Letters to Spiritualists, published by Trafford in 2008;

The Return, published by Trafford in 2007; and 

Aliens in the Warrumbungles, published by Zeus, in 2008

Cosmic Communication From The Ogattans, an Ebook published in 2014

I also developed and produced two videos encapsulating many of these themes in 1985, entitled:

Who Speaks? Hanging Rock and Beyond- Hoax or Psychic Reality? and

Andronicus Speaks; Communication with Higher Intelligences 

When a teacher I helped to write  a series of childrens novels published by McGraw Hill Australia and a textbook for apprentices published by  Longmans. However my main interest in education became evaluation and planning which became themes I wrote about in articles published by the Curriculum and Research Branch for teachers in Victoria. Both my Masters and Doctoral theses focussed on educational evaluation of courses and schools.

My special interest in the last 2 years has focussed on the physical materialization of spiritual phenomena, primarily spiritual beings passed on from Earth.

I have been with groups of people and in appropriate places where such materializations have been witnessed in my home or where healings were being conducted.

These have included a total of ten people from non Earth planets, five physical presentations of Jesus and a dozen materializations of Sai Baba in my home.

I have also witnessed some folk currently involved in spiritual leadership who physically astral travelled into my lounge room while meditations were in progress. These included: Pope Frances and the Dalai Lama. Just as significant have been the physical materialization of numerous  Angelic Beings.

It is these events which have prompted me to wtite articles for general reading on the internet, through sites such as this.

Current Writing
Educational Writing