A Manifestation of Christ

Show week Bendigo 1983

The Bendigo Show Week in 1983 was so memorable for me!

I lived and worked in Melbourne about a two hour drive from Bendigo where my fiancée lived. Sue had phoned me on Thursday evening to describe remarkable events in the Bendigo Cathedral at midday when she visited on her way to the show. She recalled the Cathedral appeared to be virtually empty. Yet it couldn't have been. She noticed there was a strong wind swirling around the building. But inside! She heard the Angelic figures on the ceiling playing from their trumpets! And the organ began to play. But there was no one seated at the organ, only a blue cloak lay draped on a seat. Two young boys near her stopped to take it all in. Sue sensed a Divine energy near her and felt she had been blessed and had to tell someone about it.

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo

The great organ, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo

Later she went back to the Cathedral and found a priest. He simply asked: “Were you in here at midday?” Others had noticed the phenomena including a report that a statue had begun to weep. When she phoned me about these things I knew I had to go there. I was a researcher and involved in studying psychic and spiritual things as well as her fiancé. Saturday was the earliest I could be there.

Sue took me straight to the Cathedral. I had never seen it before and was impressed as I walked around with her, listening to her commentary. After a while I just said to her that I needed to sit down quietly and tune in while she did her thing – which included looking for the statue which had been seen weeping. I found a quiet alcove with seats to one side of the main building.

The Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem

I immediately relaxed to meditate. I wasn't sure what I expected. Perhaps there would be a sense of those energies and sounds still present...That was an under-statement.

When my eyes closed I felt two strong hands placed on my back which slid partially under my arms. Then I lifted off - literally carried out of my quiet seat till I floated well above the city. Then I was moving rapidly, away from Australia, watching countries pass beneath me, until I arrived at the Middle East. The movement was slowing down so I could recognise various features. I saw the golden dome of a great mosque and had recognized the Golan Heights before hovering over Jerusalem.

All this time I was being firmly held by an entity spread over my back. I did not know who that was. Then the being was wracked in sobs and cried aloud:

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killing the prophets and stoning those who are sent to you! How often I would have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not!”

Roman mosaic illustrating Luke 13:34b "How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!" (inscribed in Latin)

I was part of something but did not know what it was.

We seemed to hover there for some time before gliding back over Israel and the Middle East. Then ever so quickly I was returned to the Bendigo Cathedral. I was again sitting in a quiet seat in an alcove to the side of the main church. Alone.
Sue and I had much to share with each other and went on an afternoon outing, walking near creeks in nearby bush.

But it was several years before I understood what I had experienced. During a meditation at home as I thought of the event I asked my Guide what it was. He responded with a Biblical reference to Luke's gospel chapter 13 and verse 34. That was very specific and he added: “The lamentation of Christ over Jerusalem..” I looked it up and there were the exact words I had heard from the figure who was weeping... Even the caption over that quotation said: The lamentation of Christ over Jerusalem.” I had to acknowledge the Being who had taken me astral travelling to witness that event was in fact Jesus himself!

I look back now and think that is so different from the materialisations I have been witnessing relating to churches in the Berwick region. Yet it is all one magnificent revelation. The energy of the Christ consciousness is truly with us.

Christ Visits Church

Masonic Hall, Berwick

It is always special to see the Christ energy appear for some people. Most recently this occurred at the service at the Berwick Spiritualist Church on 25th May 2008 which was held in the Masonic Hall. The Minister, Rev Mandi, myself and Dulcie, a gifted healer, had been asked to help someone in need. We met her in a quiet room before the service. The visiting lady explained that she felt she had been oppressed by an unpleasant spirit or energy for two years but had been unable to find help anywhere. After our exploratory conversations and psychic tuning in I prayed aloud with her.  My morning meditation had been about Christ freeing people who were oppressed – and the lady was a devout Catholic. My prayer for her was that Christ would relieve her of her oppression, whatever the source.

In the moment of finishing my prayer, I spontaneously became clairvoyant. And I watched in absolute awe. The room had a high ceiling, perhaps 4 or 5 metres high. Somehow that vaulted roof opened. And an enormous figure descended. He was virtually the height of the room. Not only was the figure radiant, but light seemed to shine from every part of the robed body. I was literally watching my prayer being answered.  The Christ energy was manifesting in the middle of our little group. His arms spread gracefully and deliberately until one hand covered the head of the oppressed lady and the other extended towards the minister opposite. And I knew Christ would be getting rid of the oppressive energy, whatever it was.

 I was lost in the wonder of the moment, so I find it hard to think about how long the event lasted – but probably several minutes. Long enough to turn a life around. Long enough to build the faith of an on-looker. Long enough to show that the Christ energies are working in our world today. I couldn’t help wondering whether this was happening all the time but we were not able to see it. And I couldn’t help wondering what would happen if lots of people were able to witness the same sort of event. Certainly those Spiritualists who say their religion has nothing to do with the traditions of Christianity still have a lot of thinking to do. Because obviously Christ is involved with Spiritualists.

Christ as Materialized at Berwick, 2008

Berwick September 2008

During the Spiritualist Church healing group evening meeting at Berwick on 17th September 2008 the Christ Consciousness was seen twice. Seventeen people were present, far more than usual, including several new people seeking to learn about and to experience spiritual healing. The meeting was in a private home.

The usual practice at that time was to have four healers at each of two tables, with everyone who wished having the opportunity to lie on a table for healing. For some of the healings I sat to one side of the tables, praying and observing.  That is when I noticed the first event.

A lady who had visited the Berwick Spiritualist Church for the first time a few days before had brought her mother along for a healing. I watched as a group of four channeled spiritual healing for her, one at her head, at her feet and either side of her body. But I noticed there were others involved. First a tall form appeared standing to the left of her head. It was cloaked, but I realized angelic. Fascinated I stared, only to hear a voice say: “There is another.” I looked past that form, the person healing in front of me and the person on the table. An identical image appeared on the right hand side at the head of the healing table. Two angelic forms were presenting for a complete stranger in the room! That wasn’t all though. I looked towards the healer at the right hand side of the table. Another figure appeared behind her. It wasn’t a blazing image of Christ, or huge, radiating power; but it was a representation of Christ. I was able to address the figure, which turned directly to me and said clearly: “I am always with this one now Ian.” He was referring to the healer in front of him, Laura.

I was only aware of the image for a minute or so as the healing situation changed soon after. Towards the end of the healing session I realized Laura had not received healing herself. I asked her if she would like to sit in a chair to one side of the room for personal healing and for her to name the healer of her choice. Uncharacteristically, she agreed but said she wanted me to be involved in the healing. Initially I was taken aback because I have never professed gifts or training in healing. But I agreed.

Christ as seen by two witnesses in Healing Group.

I stood behind Laura’s chair. My attitude has always been to rely on what I would call faith healing. I would continue praying, requesting Divine Energy and healing to be given to the person in need. But I experienced a transformation in myself: I became fully clairvoyant and clairsentient – aware of energies around me changing. My right hand hovered above Laura’s head while my left hand was somehow raised towards the ceiling. I saw a huge cylindrical cone appear from the ceiling. That’s where the energies were surging from. Then I saw an unmistakable figure slowly descending. He held a young child in each hand. There was all the radiant energy, the clear features and the compassion of the Christ Consciousness descending in front of Laura. Strangely, following the figures was a bottle which I associated with healing oil or anointing oil of some sort. I was watching and experiencing those energies for some minutes. It seemed to end with a change of the activities in the room. I couldn’t share those experiences with Laura at the time, as the groups were convening for absent healing.

In the lull before peopled moved from the healing room for supper, I walked over to Laura to share my experiences with her. But there was already an intense conversation going on between Laura and another clairvoyant healer, Coral. Laura insisted I listen as a story was repeated. While Laura was in the chair for healing, Coral saw the Christ Consciousness appear before her. With children. With anointing oil. Anointing Laura’s feet…

I enjoy confirmations. That evening there were several. That Christ would always be with Laura. That both Coral and I had indeed seen the same event clairvoyantly in the same place although we didn’t realize it until later. That Christ is indeed healing in the world. That our faith is well founded.

Materialization of Jesus at Pakenham Spiritualist Church

Officer Public Hall

Sunday 22nd May 2011 was scheduled as a normal service for the Spiritualist Church which met in the Officer Public Hall in Tivendale Road. The Minister, Reverend Lakis Joannou, conducted the service from a lectern at the front of the hall. I was a visiting Minister, sitting in the front row while the visiting speaker, Reverend Marilou Masip sat on the platform. Her advertised topic was Mother Mary's message to the world, given from 1987 to 1991.  Marilou is an impressive speaker, always well researched, and many of her own students came to share the service in high expectation.


But no one could anticipate what actually happened that afternoon.


There is usually a time of prayer for healing, sometimes accompanied by healers giving hands on healing and support. I was once again to witness answers being given to those prayers. But this was extraordinary.


With a talk presenting messages from Mother Mary, that could have been enough to attract the Chrtist energies to that gathering. But there was even more to the situation than that as we were to learn.

Christ Materializes to Heal

From my seat in the front row I had an uninterrupted view of the events unfolding. I witnessed another miracle. Above me the ceiling and roof of the hall disappeared.  High in a clear sky I saw a figure descending to Earth. He emerged slowly into the room where I stood. Then, deliberately looking around, he faced a lady two rows behind me and extended his elongated arm so that his  hand rested on her head. I did not know her; she was a visitor, tall, with long dark hair. I was fully aware of that presence next to me for several minutes. But the knowing was instantaneous: this was Jesus, come yet again to give healing. He left, but his energies remained.


After the service, I shared what I had experienced. Prior to the service, someone had previously spoken with the visitor I described and her story was potent. She did not usually go to any church. But that week she had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and convinced herself that if only she could get to a church, she could be healed! She had prayed before coming to the Pakenham Spiritualist Church as a visitor.I thought: if only she could have seen what I saw! But perhaps she did not need to. Her prayers had been answered in a startling fashion.


I was left wondering whether this kind of Divine intervention was happening all the time but we did not see it. But miraculously I knew I had seen one more example of how close those Christ energies are. I was not surprised that there were more to come.