Spiritual Phenomena Witnessed by Psychic Dr Ian Gordon in Berwick Australia

Hi! I am Ian. Welcome to my new Web Site about

Spiritual Phenomena

A glance at  the sections 'About Me' and 'Publications'  will remind some of you that I have written extensively about spiritual, psychic and extraterrestrial phenomena since 1983. However, I have put aside writing books, ebooks, making videos and the like to concentrate on providing contemporary information freely available on the internet.


This information has something in common. All the articles are about the actual physical materialization of cosmic travellers, distinguished spiritual entities known to us and the presentation of other physical evidence of the actual reality and presence of beings in the Cosmos. All these I have witnessed personally during the last eighteen months and I provide the information as a matter of general interest.

Rev Dr Ian Gordon


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Ogattan ET civilization's  ongoing involvement at Berwick

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